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You want to sell or buy property in ATHNES or other place in GREECE ?

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Our real estate agency, with more than 10years experience in real estate transactions, can provide us with complete proposals for the best development of your property as well aw the best investment of your money in estate.

We can advise you on legal, urban or banking problems.

We can meet any demand of yours in buying or selling property (land, flats or trade property)

We have available a great range of all kinds of property available.


INTERROGA Real Estate Agent.
Member of M.A.S (Athens Estate Agents)

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Athens - North
Apartments (189) (10)
Maisonettes (68) (4)
Detached Houses (24) (4)
Land Plots (113)
Offices (1) (3)
Stores (2)
Warehouses (2)
Athens - East
Apartments (5)
Detached Houses (1)
Land Plots (49)
Parcels (1)
Athens - West
Apartments (2)
Detached Houses (2)
Land Plots (14)
Offices (2)
Stores (1)
Warehouses (1)
Athens - Center
Apartments (3)
Detached Houses (1)
Other Residential categories (1)
Land Plots (2)
Stores (3) (1)
Piraeus suburbs
Apartments (3)
Land Plots (1)
Craft spaces (1)
Athens - South
Apartments (2)
Offices (1)
Offices (2)
Warehouses (1)
Land Plots (1)
Warehouses (1)
Villas (1)
Land Plots (1)
Land Plots (1)
Other Properties Types (1)
Land Plots (2)
Rest of Attica
Detached Houses (1)
Land Plots (1)
Aetolia & Acarnania
Parcels (1)
Land Plots (1)
Lasithi Prefecture
Land Plots (1)